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Understandable, but still a shame

Posted in High Speed, Infrastructure, London by Chairman Pip on 19 April 2013

I’ve made no secret of my dislike for Euston station; I believe it is the worst kind of 1960s eyesore, a bland box of concrete that bears no comparison to its Italianate and Gothic Revial neighbours, and can’t even at best be described as an example of Brutalism. As a gateway to London it does not serve up the necessary inspiration that St Pancras does, and I was therefore delighted when it became apparent that it would be replaced by something new, light and airy as part of the HS2 project. Imagine my disappointment then to learn today that the plans have been scaled back – there will now be no total rebuild of Euston, with instead what amounts to another station built for the platforms that will connect to the high speed line, which will then be connected to the existing station (much as was done with the building of Waterloo International). Of course, the complete rebuilding of the station from the ground up would have caused immense disruption for an awfully long time to what is, after all, one of the capital’s major transport hubs. Doing this will no doubt save money on the project, and it will still include a new ticket hall for the tube station, as well as a direct underground pedestrian link to Euston Square. But it still disappoints me that the full work won’t now go ahead, ditching the opportunity to create something nice in its place.

“Euston Station rebuild plan scrapped”


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  1. Chris said, on 25 April 2013 at 2:56 am

    Forget the Standard and look at the HS2 Ltd statement – the platforms are broadly being left as they are but the concourse will be rebuilt, enlarged and integrated with the HS2 station alongside. Avoids all the disruption to the WCML but still delivers what passengers will see as a new station.

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