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What does cold matter to a BBC London correspondent?

Posted in Customer service, Media, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 19 January 2013

Never let it be said that journalists don’t go all out to provide their service. You’ll have noticed that we’ve had a lot of weather today, which has (naturally) led to the country’s transport systems going into panic mode – while TfL managed to get on with things with little problem, most of the capital’s Train Operating Companies announced their emergency timetables before the snow actually started falling. Only to be expected I guess. Of course, that means that the news providers have to keep us up to date, which not only means sitting in a nice, warm studio reading from an autocue, but also heading out into the thick of it. Admittedly, the snowfall in London today hasn’t been massive, but still, with the snow, and the wind, and the low temperatures, to go out and look calm and composed on live television is the mark of a true professional, as we saw from Alice Bhandhukravi, on her posting outside Euston station last night, armed only with a grey woolly hat. A big hand and a large cup of hot chocolate for that lady please!!

Alice Bhandhukravi in the cold at Euston

Cup of hot chocolate for the lady please


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