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To the girl on the train…

Posted in Great Britain, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 14 January 2013

I’ll make no bones about it. Saturday was a long, tiring and ultimately fruitless day – any time you make a long trip to the other end of England to go to see an away game and end up coming home without the three points is fundamentally going to suck, even if you have the opportunity to go on the Tyne & Wear Metro for the first time in four years. It didn’t start out well with me arranging to meet my mate at my place at 07:30, and me still being there at 08:20 having no word; ultimately I just had to go without him (although in fairness I later found out that he had been in hospital with kidney stones, so I’ll forgive him this once). Going to Newcastle is a bloody long journey, and I feel confident in speculating that on this occasion it was even longer, as between stopping at Doncaster and stopping at York, the train passed Cottingley, which suggests that there was some engineering work going on that meant electric trains couldn’t be used. Coming back you really just want to get on the train, but because you have an advance ticket you can’t, so you have to wait on the cold station, with the battery on yuor phone critically low so you can’t take any pictures, and having to avoid the marauding hordes of Ealing Rugby Club players returning from their own away game. And as is often the way, there is always one bright spot – in this case the smile of the girl with whom I shared a table on the train back to London. So, in the unlikely event that she does read this, to the girl who was watching first Marnie and then The Thick of It, and who had to borrow an iPhone charger from one of the rugby players, thank you for brightening what was a fairly despondent rail journey for me.

In case you’re wondering, this was the book I was reading on the train


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