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On the road to…Sunderland

Posted in Great Britain, On the road..., Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 14 January 2013

When it comes to trekking around the country, there are certain things one has to take into account, with perhaps the most obvious one being “how far do I exactly have to go?”. The benefit of taking the train is of course obvious, because it takes a hell of a lot less time to get somewhere by train (usually) than it does on the road, not least because the driver doesn’t have to keep stopping, and that the weary passenger can at least have a wander up and down the length of the train, should he so choose. Believe me, being cooped up on a coach travelling virtually the length of England (been there, done that, had the bad knees to prove it) is not something I’d wish on someone I didn’t like. Well, actually I might, if I particularly didn’t like him. As it is, I don’t have to get up at stupid o’clock for this trip; merely going to work o’clock, as I journey up to the north-east for the game against Sunderland.

Date: 12th January 2013
Stadium: Stadium of Light
Capacity: 49,000
Attendance: 39,918
Away Section: North Stand
Score: Sunderland 3-0 West Ham United
Nearest station: St Peter’s or Stadium of Light
Local rozzers: Northumbria Police
Total Travel Cost: £87.40p (2 x Advance Singles, 1 x Daysaver)

Rail journeys:
08:33 – New Cross to London Bridge (Southeastern Class 376 Electrostar)
08:45 (Dep 08:47) – London Bridge to London St Pancras (First Capital Connect Class 377 Electrostar)
09:30 – London Kings Cross to Newcastle Central (East Coast InterCity 125 High Speed Train)
Green LineCentral Station to Stadium of Light (TWM Metrocar)
Green Line – Stadium of Light to Central Station (TWM Metrocar)
18:04 (Dep 18:18) – Newcastle Central to London Kings Cross (East Coast InterCity 125 High Speed Train)
Victoria LineKings Cross St Pancras to Highbury & Islington (2009 Stock)
22:25 – Highbury & Islington to New Cross Gate (London Overground Class 378 Capitalstar)

Station to Stadium: The Stadium of Light appears at first glance to be one of those new stadia that have been built with ease of access in mind, being, as it is, not too far from the city centre, good road access and two nearby metro stations. That being said though, reaching the ground from self-said metro stations (or at least the one that bears the name of the stadium) is a little more difficult than you may give credit for. Even though you can see the prominent cantilever roof of the North and West stands as you exit the station, using the main road is likely to take longer than following the little back street that I used. Cross the main Newcastle Road and you’ll see, cutting through a row of terraced houses, what looks almost like an alleyway. Up this and turn left, and then keep going straight on following the road round until you come out at the Southwick Road, and there in front of you will be the ground.

Anything else?: The ground is served by both Stadium of Light and St Peter’s metro stations – they are sited so that supporters for the northern end of the ground should get off at Stadium of Light, and those at the southern end should use St Peter’s.

Stadium of Light metro station


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