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Three strikes…YOU’RE OUT!!!

Posted in Customer service, Great Britain, Other general stuff about railways, Politics by Chairman Pip on 20 July 2012

Seven days from today, the Olympic Torch will make its way into the Olympic Stadium, and Her Majesty The Queen will officially open the Games of the XXX Olympiad, kicking off two weeks in which London, and by extension the United Kingdom, will be the focus of most of the world. For the two weeks of the Olympic Games, followed by ten days of the Paralympics, the top competitors in 26 individual and team sports will be in London taking part in the Greatest Show on Earth, while millions of spectators, both from the UK and overseas, will flock in to watch. I would have thought this would have been a time for everyone who carries one of these to pull together and make sure that the United Kingdom is portrayed in the best possible light, even if it’s just for these few weeks. But no – yesterday we had announcements from two different unions that they plan to have members walk out on strike. The PCS will have Home Office staff, which will include those that work for the UK Border Agency, walk out next Thursday, the day before the Opening Ceremony, when hundreds of thousands of additional travellers will be entering the United Kingdom through various entry points, which will likely include both London St Pancras and Cheriton Terminal. ASLEF meanwhile have decided to call a walkout of East Midlands Trains drivers for three days from August 6-8, which will affect everyone trying to get to and from the East Midlands, and doubtless from other locations as well. I know that workers should have the right to withdraw their labour if they have genuine greivances, and it’s entirely possible that these may well be genuine greivances. But why now? Why do this before this massive occasion when the country should be genuinely united to showcase that we can be as good as others? It certainly won’t help these particular unions if the rest of the world thinks the country can’t pull together at a time like this.

“Home Office staff to strike on eve of Games”
“London 2012: Strikes planned by East Midlands Trains’ drivers”

This is a time for the country to pull in the same direction. So I ask a simple question. Why do this now?


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  1. Al (@Al__S) said, on 20 July 2012 at 4:50 pm

    yeah, why don’t they hold a strike when it won’t really inconvenience people and few will notice? answer: because that’s not how this works. Appeals to patriotism are frankly ridiculous.

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