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I carry a big stick – speaking softly isn’t really a strong suit

Posted in Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 23 June 2012

When I got home last night, having been out to see Rock of Ages (not quite in the same “so bad it’s good” class as Mamma Mia, but should be a total singalonga hit one day), I logged on to my computer and found that I had a pending comment. The tone of it surprised me somewhat. It turns out that I had, quite innocently, used an explicitly copyrighted photograph in a post I made some time ago, specifically this post from June 2011 regarding the beginning of the withdrawal process of NI Railways’ Class 80 units. As I recall, I had found the image the way most people do, by conducting an image search on Google, and choosing one that is appropriate to the context of the post. Had the comment simply said “excuse me mate, this photo is under my copyright, could you take it down please?”, then that would have been an end to it – I would have taken it down and replaced it. However, two things really pissed me off – first, that this individual decided not to ask nicely, but to instead throw in the proverbial big stick of threatening me with legal action if I didn’t take the picture down. Second, that this individual couldn’t even be bothered to comment on the post in question, but instead chose to leave his comment on one of my podcasts, meaning that not only did he make threats, but also that he left me to do the work of trying to figure out precisely which image he was talking about. And then he had the gall to expect an email from me when I had “complied”. There’s a reason I call myself “Chairman Pip” (which in case you hadn’t realised was a nom-de-plume), not just here, but also on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube; I don’t want people knowing who I am all over the web. And so I have no intention of sending Chris Playfair, purveyor of fine Irish railway imagery as photographs, canvases and novelty printed items, an email identifying myself. If you’re reading this, consider this my response to your request.

Oh, and by the way, this is the photo in question. Which didn’t have “Copyright Chris Playfair” plastered across it. That kinda would have been a giveway.

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  1. Colin McLeod said, on 30 June 2012 at 9:24 pm

    The absence of a copyright claim on the photograph does not mean that the copyright owner is waiving his/her rights.

    Given the wording of your posts, I can understand why you hide behind a non de plume. However, if anyone takes legal action for breach of copyright, your ISP address (and thus your identity) can be traced by the appropriate authorities.

    Colin McLeod (this is not a nom de plume)

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