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Posted in Customer service, London by Chairman Pip on 21 June 2012

Now that we’re so close to the start of the Olympics, signs have been appearing all over London Underground. The line maps on tube trains are increasingly being seen with pink additions showing the various venues next to their closest stations, while tube stations have started to have signs appear showing the route to the National Rail station that will get the Olympic spectator to their venue that isn’t served by a tube station. Seeing all these outward visible signs on the transport network ratchets up the anticipation a notch further; never mind the clock in Trafalgar Square showing less than 40 days to go. So where precisely should people be going?

Well, the Olympic venues have been divided between those in London and those out of London; the majority are within three “zones” inside Greater London itself, the “Olympic Zone”, which covers all the venues in the Olympic Park in Stratford, the “River Zone”, which has venues straddling the River Thames, and the “Central Zone”, which has the remainder of venues in London. The Olympic Park is primarily served by Stratford and Stratford International, together with West Ham, but the other venues are spread out all over. So where precisely should you go to actually get to them?

Of course, there are also the venues outside London, some of which will be a fair distance from a railway station. For those, there are “recommended” stations, followed by either a free shuttle bus or a walk:

Of course, the best place to look is the official 2012 website. But you can get a fairly good idea by following the crowds, as one might expect people to do in the event of a large gathering of people.

On the way to the Olympics? Follow the signs


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