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On the road to…Barnsley

Posted in Great Britain, On the road..., Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 11 April 2012

You tend to find that you get some recurring destinations when you’re an away fan, no matter what division of the league you play in. Were this to be a chronicle of a Premier League season for example, I might well be writing of seven separate trips to the North-West. As it is, here I am regaling you of my third trip to the wilds of South Yorkshire, as I make an excursion following the Irons to Barnsley.

Date: 6th April 2012
Stadium: Oakwell
Capacity: 23,009
Attendance: 11,151
Away Section: North Stand
Score: Barnsley 0-4 West Ham United
Nearest station: Barnsley Interchange
Local rozzers: South Yorkshire Police
Total Travel Cost: £25.20 (1 x Off Peak Return, 1 x Tram Only Dayrider)

Rail journeys:
NET Line 1 – Royal Centre to Nottingham Station Street (AT 6/5 Incentro)
14:45 – Nottingham to Sheffield (East Midlands Trains Class 158 Express Sprinter)
15:50 – Sheffield to Barnsley Interchange (Northern Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter)
19:40 – Barnsley Interchange to Nottingham (Northern Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter)
NET Line 1 – Nottingham Station Street to Royal Centre (AT 6/5 Incentro)

Station to Stadium: Oakwell is one of those old, northern grounds, in a valley, surrounded by terraced houses going uphill that, as the train pulls into the railway station, looks like it’ll be miles to walk. And yet it isn’t, as you simply walk towards the overpass that carries the A61 over the A628. However, rather than following the road down, as you might expect, you instead hang a sharp left, then a right, and walk up the hill towards that most 1970s of phenomena, the grass car park, through which you pass to reach the welcoming sight of the away turnstiles. All no more than 10 minutes from the railway station.

Anything else?: As a result of successive rail company takeovers, the current railway station has been called “Barnsley” (Jan 1850-Jun 1924), “Barnsley Low Town” (Jun 1924-Aug 1924), “Barnsley Exchange” (Aug 1924-June 1960), “Barnsley” (Jun 1960-May 2007), before assuming its current incarnation as “Barnsley Interchange”, serving as the town’s railway and main bus stations, in May 2007.

Barnsley Interchange


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