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On the road to…Leeds

Posted in Great Britain, On the road..., Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 20 March 2012

There are certain football clubs that one has to have a certain level of bravery to go to, if one is an away fan. Cardiff City is one of those and, brave enough though I may be to go to certain places, I have made the conscious choice to defer my trip to the Welsh capital for now. That being said, there are some where it is equally possible that, as an away fan, you’ll end up with a knuckleduster in the abdomen, but have the enticing prospect of having one of those great stadia as their home. Thus it is with my next trip, this time to Leeds United.

Date: 17th March 2012
Stadium: Elland Road
Capacity: 40,204
Attendence: 33,366
Away Section: John Charles Stand
Score: Leeds United 1-1 West Ham United
Nearest station: Cottingley
Local rozzers: West Yorkshire Police
Total Travel Cost: £27.30 (1 x Off-Peak Return, 1 x Dayrider + 1 Shuttle Bus Return)

Rail journeys:
11:15 – Nottingham to Leeds (Northern Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter)
18:11 – Leeds to Sheffield (CrossCountry Class 220 Voyager)
19:05 (Dep 19:08) – Sheffield to Nottingham (Northern Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter)
NET Line 1Nottingham Station Street to Old Market Square (AT 6/5 Incentro)
NET Line 1 – Old Market Square to Nottingham Station Street (AT 6/5 Incentro)

Station to Stadium: Despite being in one of the larger cities in England, Elland Road is one of the more inaccessible, at least from the city centre and the main railway station. The irony is the fact that, unlike some others, it is not a brand new one built on a motorway junction, but a famous old one in the heart of the city. Fortunately, as I have seen on my travels this season, a special shuttle bus service is operated, in this case the route R2, which runs from a point very close to the railway station to right outside the ground.

Anything else?: Although most people would get to the stadium from Leeds City railway station, Cottingley is the closest station to Elland Road. Tentative plans have long been mooted by Leeds City Council to build a railway station to directly serve the ground, which would be on the Wakefield Line.

Leeds railway station


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