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Lord Grantham on the train? Could it be a sign?

Posted in Dreaming, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 7 February 2012

I’ve spoken before of the way trains sometimes intrude on my subconcious, and last night was no exception. For some reason, I was travelling on the Waterloo & City Line, as one does, but this was on a Class 487 train, which, as you know, was withdrawn in 1993. As I was sat there, I was explaining to Hugh Bonneville about how Waterloo & City Line trains arriving at Waterloo shunt into the depot just beyond the station to then run into the outbound platform. I was explaining this as the train was actually running through the depot (which for some reason contained a number of Class 31 locomotives) and out the other side, where it then ran partly under a motorway overpass, under which was moored HMS Illustrious. I’m fairly sure it was at this point I concluded that I was dreaming.

As I’ve said, I have dreamt about railways before, but this is the first time someone famous has actually been in my dream. Why it was specifically Hugh Bonneville and not some other member of the cast of Downton Abbey I don’t know. I mean, could it have killed my subconcious to have had me explaining things to Michelle Dockery or Jessica Brown-Findlay? Still, perhaps it’s a sign – after all, Hugh Bonneville has a high profile these days. Perhaps he’d like to front a campaign to restore the remaining Class 487 vehicle currently stored at the London Transport Museum depot. It’s a thought.

Could Hugh Bonneville travelling on a Class 487 in Pip's dream world actually be a sign?


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  1. Claire said, on 7 February 2012 at 6:27 pm

    What a brilliant dream! Was it Hugh himself and not Lord Grantham you were talking to? Would have been wonderfully surreal if he’d been sitting on the Waterloo & City Line in costume.

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