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Posted in America, Commuter, Great Britain, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 11 January 2012

You’ll probably have seen the news plastered all over the back pages of yesterday’s newspapers about the triumphant goalscoring return of Thierry Henry to Arsenal. Most of you should also be aware that Thierry Henry is regarded as one of the greatest modern players to have graced the English game, who would likely be recognised no matter what part of the country he went to (whether it be for his football or his Renault Clio “va-va-voom” adverts).

But Thierry Henry is only on loan at Arsenal for two months, because he plays for New York Red Bulls in the United States. And in the United States, “soccer” (oh how I loathe and despise that word), despite huge strides made by MLS, is still the poor relation compared to all of those purely American pastimes and, as a consequence, no matter your standing in the rest of the world of football, thechances are that if you play for an American club you will be virtually anonymous. Which is why, according to the Daily Express, Thierry Henry is able to use the PATH service to get from his home in Manhattan to the Red Bull Arena in Harrison and almost go unrecognised. Well, unrecognised by people who aren’t Red Bulls fans anyway. It makes you wonder how many of today’s pampered and preening stars would stoop to the level of using public transport, even if they were plying their trade somewhere that they could be anonymous? Would Wayne Rooney condescend to take the train, which takes twenty minutes? Or would he get in his car, most likely to be a “chelsea tractor”, and try navigating his way through New York’s traffic? Maybe I’m just a cynic, and Wayne Rooney does still have the common touch. But I doubt it.

“PATH commuter Henry loves “living normally””

Thierry Henry and Rafael Márquez on the train home

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  1. […] is it so impossible to believe that a footballer should use public transport? Surely if it’s good enough for Thierry Henry, then it’s good enough for Femi Ilesanmi who, let’s be honest, would probably go […]

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