Chairman Pip's Railway Thoughts

Winning the Overground war

Posted in Commuter, London, Metro, Other general stuff about railways, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 5 October 2011

I’m sure there are many regular commuters among you, and a reasonable proportion do well in the seating battleground that develops every morning and evening on the crowded train – you know the score; we’re all desperate for a seat, but so is every other person on the train. If you get on halfway along the line you stare daggers at those who live at the very start of the journey. The longer you commute, the more you pick up on the various tactics people employ in the great battle for a seat. Fortunately, these have now been laid out by an experienced man in the constant war for those of you new to it to absorb and employ. Bear in mind that although these have been written for the London Overground, they can be equally employed on any service that has trains with longitudinal seating.

“Do you want to sit down on the Overground during rush hour? Then prepare for war”


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