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Total Twin Power…

Posted in Babestation, Ireland, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 4 October 2011

Yesterday proved interesting in terms of statistics as I got a total of 260 hits (on a good day I usually get around 40). The vast majority of them were going straight to this article about the decision to delay the relaying of the Belfast-Derry line west of Coleraine (185 in total). While you may think this is due to an upsurge of interest in the issue, especially following the publicity it has received in the press in Northern Ireland, I can assure you that it isn’t. This I know from the fact that the vast majority of search engine terms (which are also recorded by WordPress) used to find this story used some variation that included Preeti and Priya from Babestation. If you were to read, then you’ll know that the Babestation twins have family in the area around Coleraine. Indeed, following both of them as i do on Twitter, I even asked Preeti if she’d send me any pictures of the railways that she happened to take – “maybe next time” she replied. Of course, that doesn’t explain why they should all of a sudden be so popular in terms of web searches. I wondered this, until I found out that they’d been interviewed on BBC Asian Network by DJ Nihal, as well as recently contributing to a debate on the Eddie Nestor programme on BBC London. Which may also explain why the video of a TV programme they participated in for the BBC last year was also high up of the BBC website’s most watched videos yesterday. Anyway, mystery solved. And, should either of them read this, I’m more than happy to put any photos of the railways around Coleraine and Portrush on my Flickr site. Indeed, I would consider it a feather in my cap 🙂

Preeti and Priya seem to have been popular in the last day or so, if the number of hits Chairman Pip has received is anything to go by


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