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Bra.Vo. [Clap. Clap. Clap.]

Posted in Media, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 18 August 2011

Just to prove how sharper than a serpant’s tooth is the Daily Express. On the 15th September 2010, the 150th anniversary of the world’s first intercity passenger rail service, the Daily Express published in its “Ten things you never knew about…” section, ten things you never knew about trains. Today, in response to the fury of passengers over the inflation busting rises in rail fares, the Daily Express has published another “Ten things you never knew about…Trains”. Except that seven of them are identical to the ones from last year. How do I know? Because I blogged about it on the same day. Once again, we have to put up with lazy research and recycled material from this publication. How hard can it be to find ten fresh interesting facts about railways? I’m sure there’s many people that could help.

For the record, the three “new” facts are:

  1. The word ‘train’ was first used to describe a set of coupled railway carriages in 1820
  2. According to the Oxford English Corpus, the adjectives most often used to describe ‘train’ are ‘express’ and ‘highspeed’.
  3. In 1825, George Stephenson gave assurances to a parliamentary enquiry that trains would never go faster than 25mph.

As Homer Simpson might say…”Braaaavo” [Clap Clap Clap].


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