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Posted in America, Business, Customer service, Infrastructure by Chairman Pip on 7 August 2011

It’s surprising the things you learn when you aren’t looking for them. On Friday, while I was posting about Texas, I was looking through various related articles on Wikipedia, and came across the following nugget of information. Apparently Cityplace on the Red and Blue lines is the first public underground light rail station in the southwest United States. But it isn’t the first ever, because Leonard’s Department Store in Fort Worth built its own private subway line to connect the store to its parking lots – eventually Leonard’s became the Tandy Center, but the subway remained in situ until 2002, when redevelopment of the area meant that it had to be closed and removed.

Reading this, I thought to myself “what a brilliant idea”. While there may not be many instances of inner-city malls in the United Kingdom, it would be helpful in all of those big malls that are dotted around the country, with large car parks, to have some kind of mass transit between the car parks and the shopping areas. Wouldn’t this be an idea for people with heavy shopping to stop them getting bad backs on their way back to their cars? I mean how cool would that be. I know I hate carrying loads of bags when I go shopping, and would love it if there was some means of transport to the car. Wouldn’t you?

Tandy Subway History


A Tandy Center train emerges from the tunnel into the parking lot - how convenient would it be if more large shopping centres had a connection between the mall and the car parks?


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