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Baby on Board

Posted in Customer service, London, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 8 July 2011

There seems to be an epidemic of breeding around me at the moment (not I hasten to add from me myself) – there’s my friend that took MY holiday (yes, I haven’t yet forgotten :P) who is due in November, my friend whose honeymoon was disrupted by the Iceland volcano who had a little boy this week, plus two more that I learned recently will be giving birth later on this year. So, in the spirit of free advertising, here I am advertising something else for free. Back in 2005, to combat what was seen as part apathy and part fear of giving offence, TfL began trialling its new “Baby on Board” badges, which expectant mothers could where to indicate that they were indeed pregnant and people could then give up their seat without fear of giving offence (you see, people were apparently worried that if they offered a seat to someone they thought was pregnant, but who merely turned out to be on the rotund side, there would be acrimony). Now, the “Baby on Board” badge is becoming more prevalent, so I’m here encouraging anyone and everyone that reads this (if they’re a pregnant woman and they live in London) to send off for your free badge from TfL. Additionally, what better way to unobtrusively announce that you’re expecting than to nonchalantly walk into the office one morning wearing your BoB badge? It’s a winner! Furthermore, this can serve as encouragement to other public transport providers in the UK to do something similar if they haven’t already done so. Get your fingers out!!

Apply for a TfL “Baby on Board” Badge
“Free Baby on Board badge – TfL”

Apply for a "Baby on Board" badge to ease your aching back


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  1. Wheentela said, on 22 July 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Its a british brand, this means the clothes are NOT vanity-sized for Americans, something that as a shorter girl who is proportioned accordingly I much enjoy.


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