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Posted in America, Business, Commuter, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 7 July 2011

My friend from Denton has commented that she hasn’t yet taken a trip on the A-Train owing to the fact that it’s cheaper for her to use her car, based on it costing $5 each way to go by train. Now, apart from a few exceptions that you can see at the side of the homepage, I’m not one to give free advertising, but it seems that it might be in order to do a little advertising of DCTA’s fare policy, as I knew what I had read and it wasn’t fares costing $5 a time; evidently, DCTA have not been entirely clear about what their fares structure is. So here goes:

There are two types of ticket that allow travel on the A-Train; Local and Regional. The Local fare structure allows travel as far as Hebron, while the Regional fares permit onward travel onto services run by both DART and The T, in addition to those of DCTA. Clear so far?

Local fares – these cover all modes of travel operated by DCTA (Connect, A-Train and UNT Shuttle)

  • One-Way – $3.00
  • One-Way (Reduced) – $1.50
  • Whole Day Pass – $6.00
  • Weekly Pass – $25.00
  • Monthly Pass – $90.00
  • Monthly Pass (Reduced) – $32.00
    • Reduced = Seniors (65+), disabled, Medicare card holders and students (18 & under, with valid student ID

Regional fares – these cover all public transport operated by DCTA, DART and The T (buses, rail, light rail)

  • Regional Day Pass – $10.00
  • Regional Day Pass (Reduced) – $2.00
  • Regional Weekly Pass – $50.00
  • Regional Monthly Pass – $120.00
  • Regional Monthly Pass (Reduced) – $32.00

From what I can gather, you can purchase an extension from Local to Regional for an additional $2.00, which may be where the $5.00 each way my friend has seen comes from. Because you are travelling from one public transport operator’s area (DCTA) into another (DART), they will make it cheaper to purchase the Day Pass by putting a similar cost on the return fare; although the price will still be the same ($10.00), the Regional Pass works out cheaper because it gives you unlimited travel for the whole day on all buses, trains and light rail. Further, the A-Train route is aimed at commuting, and so the unlimited network passes will invariably be better value than single fares.

Sara, I hope that is a little clearer for you.

Ticketing and Fares


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