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Attention Daily Express…you’re all idiots (plus you write badly)

Posted in Business, Great Britain, Media, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 7 July 2011

Because I’m a cheapskate, I continue to buy the Daily Express. Yet, the more I buy it, the angrier I end up getting thanks to the total claptrap that often gets printed in there, whether it’s on the letters page (which I once had to contribute to, in order to rebut another piece of codswallop about the House of Lords), or by the people actually employed to write in the paper, not to mention the frequent “coupon campaigns” they run in order to overturn some perceived injustice. Let me remind you that it was the Sunday Express that screamed blue murder over some of London’s buses carrying the logo of RATP. However, things came to a head this morning when I picked it up and saw this emblazoned on the front:

BATTLE FOR BOMBARDIER – Join our crusade to stop the EU stealing 12,000 British jobs

If I had been able to, I would have spluttered furiously. Had anyone at that publication even bothered to pay attention at all over the last few days, then they’d know that it isn’t “the EU” that is responsible for the predicament that Bombardier finds itself in at the moment; while the European Commission is responsible for setting out the procurement rules for public procurement projects, given the fact that France and Germany (to name the two most obvious examples) are able to follow these same rules and still ensure a vast bulk of work goes to their domestic manufacturers means that it is the fault of the British government in not being as cute in observing the regulations as their French and German counterparts and putting in a social element to the process that Bombardier has lost out. To suggest that the EU and Siemens have conspired in some nefarious plot is not only ludicris, but potentially libellous, and only serves to highlight how far the Daily Express has shifted into the territory occupied by the Daily Mail. You want to know what the worst element of this is? Siemens and Bombardier have been the final two shortlisted bidders in this for the thick end of two years. If the Daily Express, and any other mainstream publication come to it, had actually given a damn and been lobbying for Bombardier, using the “Made in Britain” tag that everyone has been trumpeting, who knows what might have happened. It’s only now, that there’s a bandwagon to jump on, that anyone (and I’m talking the press, the unions, the Labour Party, the anti-EU politcal parties) actually gives a damn. And so you have lots of shouty people screaming “break the deal”, and the Roads Man, idiot though he may have been for not doing something sooner, trying his best to explain why he can’t do that now.

“We Want British Jobs for British Workers”
“We Must Stand Up to Brussels over Bombardier Job”
“Bombardier ‘had little chance’ on Thameslink because of contract terms”


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