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Posted in America, Commuter, Metro, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 6 July 2011

I saw my friend yesterday, you know, the one that took my holiday, and heard some tales of her trip. Turns out that Colgan Air, with whom she flew back from Toronto to New York, from where she then flew home, have really small aeroplanes in their fleet that are quite disconcerting. However, she told me that she did enjoy the trip on the train from New York to Toronto, especially loving the amount of legroom on Amtrak’s trains, which I’m guessing made up for the 12 hour journey time. However, she also spoke about a conflagration she witnessed the day she arrived in New York while on the Subway into the city from JFK. Immediately this made my spider-sense tingle; what was she doing on the Subway (specifically the A Train), with a significant number of stops, when she could have gotten on a Long Island Rail Road train, gone four stops and arrived at Penn Station? It turns out that, when she arrived, she was advised to get the AirTrain to Howard Beach; if she’d asked me of course, I would have told her to go to Jamaica and catch a train from there, because not only is it the LIRR’s main hub station (only the Port Washington Branch doesn’t call there), but it also interchanges with Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue, a Subway station served by the E, J and Z trains. Hence my advice to everyone if they’re considering travelling by train – “when in doubt, ask Pip”. Perhaps I should team up with an software designer and come up with a smartphone app – not an iPhone obviously, because Apple is evil incarnate. No, the “Ask Pip” app will be developed for phones that aren’t Apple, so if you’re Nokia (like me), HTC, Samsung et al, you’ll enjoy peace of mind that you’re taking the right rail route. Alternatively, you could just ask me directly.

“Reported Shooting on the A Train”

Had my friend asked, I would have directed her to the LIRR at Jamaica


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