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Posted in Commuter, Other general stuff about railways, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 4 July 2011

A year ago, I posted about my desire to get a picture of a Class 376 and a Class 378 on adjacent platforms at New Cross, the only place on the entire network that these two related types can be seen next to each other. And I tried. And tried. And tried some more. And failed for myriad reasons, all of which were someone else’s fault. Promise. But now, finally, I’ve got my picture. HUZZAH!!!!! And I figured out how to do it – try not to do it. Rather than planning, finding my spot at the back of the Class 376 at Cannon Street on the right train to meet the Class 378 to get in at just the right time, which Southeastern and London Overground always noticed and then conspired to stop me, this time it was a case of running for a train that was just about to leave, and being forced to jump in at the back right before the doors closed. No plan, so the evil TOCs never spotted a thing; my Southeastern train pulled in on time (rather than grinding to a halt behind the last red signal just before the platforms at New Cross; or arriving just as the London Overground train was pulling out), and I was ableto get out and stop on the platform, with enough time for the Southeastern train to pull away alongside the London Overground train. Snap, a crystal clear picture of 378139 (at Platform D) and 376023 (at Platform C). I did actually do a little happy dance as the London Overground train pulled out, which the driver may have seen. Meh, what do I care? I’ve waited more than a year for this!!!

I've waited a year for this picture. I'll do a happy dance in public if I want!!


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  1. […] just over a year since my final success in obtaining the picture I had long sought of a Class 376 and Class 378 alongside each other at New Cross. You may […]

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