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So long old friend

Posted in London, Metro, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 1 July 2011

Yesterday saw the last hurrah of the 1967 Stock on the Victoria Line, with the very last service departing Brixton at 19:01 and terminating at Seven Sisters 31 minutes later. From now on, the Victoria Line will be operated solely by 2009 Stock trains that have received some measure of criticism in the two years since they entered service. The 1967 Stock was of course a quantum leap ahead in terms of technology for London Underground, as they were the first trains on the network built with Automatic Train Operation, where the driver is responsible for starting the train and controlling the doors, but the train is capable of performing the rest of its standard operation itself, which also removed the need for a guard. Of course, time does move on, and the fact that these units have been in service for more than 40 years means that it is time to replace them. London Underground have said that the difficulties with the 2009 Stock should now be resolved thanks to them not running two types of train on the Victoria Line – amongst other things, they will now be able to employ the new trains’ regenerative braking system that should reduce the temperature levels that have had publicity recently. Of course, the sad part is that the old fleet will be making its way not into well deserved retirement, but heading to CF Booth’s in Rotherham to be broken up for scrap, in spite of the fact that they seem to operate quite satisfactorally given their age. They would seem to be ideal (loading gauge issues aside) to replace the Class 483 trains used by Island Line, which are now over seventy years old. But this is not to be – South West Trains will likely look to cherry pick some 1972 or 1973 Stock trains once these are replaced. And so, virtually the enitre class (save one preserved by the London Transport Museum) of London Underground’s first one man operation trains will end up as recycled metal.

“Last Day Of Service For Old Victoria Line Trains”


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