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Don’t worry Jenn, San Diego has its compensations

Posted in America, Commuter by Chairman Pip on 3 June 2011

The power of the web has allowed me to find friends all over the world, some of whom I’ve never even met in person. One of these currently lives in Sacramento, but is, through outside circumstances, likely to have to move very soon to San Diego. Of course, any time you have to move house will be a trauma, but moving to San Diego does have some compensations. Like it is one of the few cities in the United States to have two seperate commuter rail services under the operation of one public transport provider, specifically the North County Transit District, which operates the Coaster, which is your more traditional American commuter service, using a big F40 or F59 locomotive and Bombardier BiLevel Coaches, and runs between Union Station and Oceanside on the coastal route; and the Sprinter, which is somewhat more modern in that it uses Siemens Desiro DMUs, and runs along an inland route between Oceanside and Escondido. This makes Oceanside a major railway hub, as it also serves as the terminus of two of Metrolink’s commuter lines into Greater Los Angeles, potentially allowing commuting between San Diego and Los Angeles, opening up the possibilities. So, as one of my friends experiences growing excitement at the prospect of passenger rail coming to where she lives, one hopes that another of my friends sees the potential of access to the train as a benefit of living in San Diego.

Coaster and Sprinter trains stand alongside each other at Oceanside - in passenger rail terms, San Diego is relatively well connected, both to is own hinterland and the wider region of Southern California


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