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Would Duke Ellington have approved? Sara certainly does!!

Posted in America, Commuter, Customer service, Infrastructure, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 28 May 2011

We’re now less than a month from the inauguration of America’s latest passenger rail adventure. Well, OK, that’s probably a slight overstatement, but still, it’s pretty cool for residents of Denton that their brand new commuter rail service opens for business on the 20th June. I know I’ve spoken about it in the past, and I know that people have said things like it could do with a better route into Dallas, but still. There will still be a train service running from the centre of Denton to interchange with the DART, and it will have (for the United States at least) a fairly late finish to the day. These are all things to get excited about, as my friend that lives in the city told me when I let her know the date…

YES and I am SO EXCITE. I’ve been counting down the days! I’ll be sure to take pics when it’s running. Srsly cant wait!! 😀

Given that my friend has grown up in North Texas, she has had little opportunity of travelling regularly by train, which I think was one (albeit very small) reason for her excitement when she visited London and got to travel pretty much everywhere on the Tube. In addition, because she is a penniless student (!) and can’t afford much in the way of a car, she invariably has to pay a fortune to keep the one she can afford on the road, so having the use of a train to get to and from Dallas (where her partner lives) when she doesn’t have to carry a load of stuff around is also something she has to get excited about. So, as a personal message to my friend, I hope you enjoy being able to say “I’d better go or I’ll miss my train”, I hope you see the usefulness of it when you start to use it. Ignore how old fashioned the Budd RDC looks, as these are being leased from Trinity Railway Express until A-Train’s fleet of Stadler GTWs is delivered next year. And make sure you take pictures that I can put on my Flickr site!!

“Denton – Dallas A-Train services to start in June”
“Denton County, Texas to launch A-Train into service”

Budd RDCs leased from Trinity Railway Express will inaugurate the A-Train service from Denton in June 2011


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  1. Sararr said, on 1 June 2011 at 8:49 am

    Haha, I’m even more excited now that I know we’ll be using old fashioned trains like that! It makes me want to put on a pair of cowboy boots and buy a revolver to reenact one of those chase scenes from old Westerns…you know, the ones involving exciting, life-threatening dashes along the tops of trains and amazingly unbelievable leaps from one car to the other?? Ok, ok, so in reality, attempting anything like that would probably be kind of a bad idea. I might end up banned for life if I attempted to board the train with a gun in my possession. Let’s not even mention the fact that I’m terribly clumsy and would likely fail at train-surfing in a really big way…
    Anyway. Every time I drive back and forth from Denton to Dallas on Interstate 35 (while burning expensive fuel resources to propel my expensive vehicle :P) I see more and more progress being made on the construction of the railroad itself…particularly the area I assume will be used as a stop in Lewisville. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to send you pics when service finally starts later this month! I’ll unfortunately miss the preview/opening as it’s on a weekend day and I’ll inevitably be at work, but the A-Train will be a welcome alternative to using I-35 during the week. Finally, after all of the delays and the waiting and the frustration of the Commuter Express bus-stop-relocation, better transportation is nearly here!! 😀

  2. […] in May, I wrote about how excited my friend from Denton was about the then upcoming opening of the A-Train. […]

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