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How hard can it be?

Posted in Commuter, Customer service, Infrastructure, London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 7 May 2011

Chromaroma has led me to make many roundabout journeys, not least of which was yesterday. Under their “missions” section, they each day put up a “daily mission”, when you have to visit a particular station by the end of the day, and yesterday it was North Greenwich. The plan that I had when I accepted the “mission” was to go to Embankment and change there onto a Clipper down to North Greenwich Pier. Of course, events conspired to mean that there was no way to catch the boat I’d intended to, so I instead went on the Jubilee line all the way there. Of course, having done that came the decision as to how to get home, and, rather than back on the Jubilee line, I instead chose to go about collecting some more stations and thus jumped off the Jubilee line at Canary Wharf and on the DLR. This was then when I thought of my seemingly pointless journey on Good Friday, when I apparently collected Lewisham, Limehouse, Fenchurch Street, Tower Gateway and Shadwell DLR/Shadwell Overground, but which for some reason wasn’t registered. So I took the option to do this again, which hopefully will be collected.

But, while on the train from Limehouse into Fenchurch Street, it again struck me (as it often does) about how Fenchurch Street has no direct connection to London’s “metro” network. This is in spite of the fact that Tower Gateway is, literally, just across the road from the platforms at Fenchurch Street. So my thought was, “in this day and age, how hard can it be to build a direct connection between Fenchurch Street and Tower Gateway?” Obviously, connecting Fenchurch Street and Tower Hill is probably not feasible and, in any case, from the back entrance to Fenchurch Street, Tower Hill is just a two minute walk along the street. But to reach Tower Gateway is quite circuitous, given the relative locations of the two stations. While Fenchurch Street may be the smallest terminus in London, it is important enough to be managed by Network Rail, and so should have a metro connection. What this could also allow is for better connections between Tower Gateway and Tower Hill, which could avoid people having to cross a busy main road to get from one to the other.

This is how far Fenchurch Street is from Tower Gateway


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