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I’m not paranoid – I just know people are out to get me

Posted in Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 21 April 2011

I’ve hit upon what should be a winning formula to try and snap my longed for picture of a Class 376 and Class 378 next to each other at New Cross, the only place where this picture can be taken. The 18:10 ex-London Cannon Street (usually formed by a pair of 376s coupled together) stops at New Cross at 18:20, which is while the 18:21 ex-New Cross service to Dalston Junction is still there. By being on the Southeastern service, right at the back of the train, I can simply step off, assume my position, and snap off a winning shot, at which everyone can ooo and aaa and make yummy noises. Except that at every turn something goes wrong that means I can’t take a picture. Example – last week I was on the train, which I ran for and thus was at the back, and realised that badda-bing there was the 378, standing there. Not only that, but the Southeastern train was a minute early. All fantastic. Except my phone needed to be recharged. Yesterday, I had everything set. I was on the train, at the back, it pulled out on time. But then we got into the usual Southeastern scenario of red signals and slow crawl between London Bridge and New Cross, resulting in it arriving three minutes late, with my London Overground train having already left. Wanna know what’s worse? Two minutes after the Southeastern train pulled out, the next northbound London Overground train arrived at New Cross! I swear there is some conspiracy between Southeastern and London Overground, possibly in cahoots with Nokia, to stop me from getting this picture!

Sorry folks, this is as good as it gets for now


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