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Engage brain first, then speak

Posted in Customer service, Great Britain, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 13 April 2011

There’s been an announcement today from the DfT that commuter routes in the north, specifically serving the area in and around around Leeds, would be receiving additional capacity in the form of the five Class 322 units currently used by ScotRail on its North Berwick route, but which are being replaced by the new Class 380 fleet. Now, we all know that the Class 322 units are not “new”, having been built in 1990 as the original rolling stock for the Stansted Express. They can’t even be described as “additional”, at least in terms of the government’s stated aim to provide 650 vehicles for use by 2014, because they’re only available thanks to the Class 380 purchase. Nevertheless, they are available, and will be moved to an area where they are probably most needed, i.e. the north. So please, by all means criticise the DfT for not engaging their collective brain before putting out such a statement, but at least give them a little credit for making a start on the overcrowding problem. Even if they are so bloody short-sighted as to put a prohibition on the purchase of new diesel powered passenger rolling stock, when 2/3 of the current network is unelectrified.

“Northern to get Class 322 boost from December”

The Class 322s moving to Northern Rail will provide a boost in capacity to some significantly overcorwded routes.


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  1. Paul Sidorczuk said, on 14 April 2011 at 6:39 am

    In the original article that was published, it was stated that these units from Scotland (4 coach sets) would allow Northern to use some of their existing units from the north of Leeds area services onto the Leeds/Bradford/Manchester services which means the Calder Valley route. If this is the case, noting that Northern have no plans currently to increase the number of trains per hour on the Calder Valley route, will it mean less class 142 units on that route (hopefully!!!!)

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