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Denton will be so jealous of Denton

Posted in Customer service, Great Britain, Politics by Chairman Pip on 13 April 2011

It probably won’t be common knowledge to the people of Denton, Greater Manchester that the people of Denton, Texas will soon have a nice, shiny new commuter rail service when the A-Train opens in the summer (the current schedule is for June). Of course, it will likely not be common knowledge in Denton, Texas, that their bretheren in the north-west of England have a mere one train per week. The famous “Denton Flyer” is what is known as a “parliamentary train”, which is a train that is run regularly but is a mere token service, to maintain the legal fiction that a station or route is open, when in fact it has been abandoned. The route between Stockport and Stalybridge, which stops at Reddish South, Denton and Guide Bridge runs once a week, on Friday mornings, in one direction, taking just under half an hour. And it running in one direction means it goes from Stockport to Stalybridge only, and doesn’t make a return from Stalybridge to Stockport. Although there have been occasional attempts to restore a frequent service, these have often come to naught – the town of Reddish has another railway station, while Denton is well servied by buses into the centre of Manchester. Nevertheless, both are significant population areas that could be well served by passenger trains. Perhaps one option could be to include this route as part of any future Metrolink extension from Stockport outwards as a tram-train proposal. Whatever – the fact is that the residents of Denton in Texas (and I do know one, so give a shout out if you’re excited about the train! :P) will end up being far better served than the people of Denton in Manchester, which is ironic given the current criticism of rail projects in the United States, combined with the desperate need for improved rail service in the north of England.

Denton railway station is served by one train a week - you'd think a town of over 25,000 deserved a better service wouldn't you


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  1. Claire said, on 14 April 2011 at 8:45 pm

    Yes, you would think it deserved a better service, and it seems like such a waste to have just the one departure per week. You’d expect better from the industrial north-west tbh.

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