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What will Mr Potato Head say?

Posted in Commuter, Customer service, London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 30 March 2011

London Underground are cutting services. There, I’ve said it. They are cutting services to one of their termini. Let us all now wait for the explosion of indignation from Mr Potato Head, about how vital services are being denied to the people, and the jobs it will end up costing. Of course, I just made that up. Were there to be any effect from London Underground’s proposal in terms of jobs, then of course you would hear the explosion. But there won’t be, because it is not so much a service withdrawl as a service reorganisation. I should probably explain. London Underground’s plan is to stop the all day shuttle service between High Street Kensington and Kensington (Olympia). This is a three stop route, with only Earl’s Court in between. However, Earl’s Court is the major junction point for the entire District Line and, as such, can prove to be a significant bottleneck. Trains to Olympia share part of their route with trains to Wimbledon, the busiest part of the District Line. As a consequence, those trains that previusly served Olympia will, from the December 2011 timetable change, instead be diverted to Wimbledon. At the same time however, London Overground services to Olympia will have increased from three to four trains per hour (with another operated by Southern) that will allow interchange with the Underground. Additionally, both Baron’s Court and West Kensington are within walking distance of the Olympia exhibition centre, while the District Line service will still continue at weekends and for “special events” on weekdays. This all seems very fair. Dare we even say, a service cut that even Mr Potato Head can’t complain about?

“London Underground announces plans for new District line timetable”

Even though the Underground service is returning to its former state, operating mainly during exhibitions, Olympia station is benefitting from an increase in Overground services to componsate


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