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Posted in Great Britain, Metro, Rolling stock by Chairman Pip on 30 March 2011

A couple of months ago, a story came out that Cheshire East Council was investigating the possibility of having the Mid-Cheshire Line converted to allow Manchester Metrolink to run services as far as Chester, most likely in a tram-train configuration, a proposal that would markedly increase the number of trains operating along the route. Of course, to do this would require conversion of the line, so that Metrolink’s trams could operate safely alongside any trains that would still use the route, and in any case the government is unlikely to approve any tram-train ideas before the completition of the trial planned for Sheffield. Nevertheless, do you think that perhaps Metrolink have a long-term plan that includes the possibility of running tram-trains? After all, would there be any other reason for them to introduce a brand new corporate livery that sees their trams festooned with bright yellow front ends?

“Manchester Metrolink tram services could run to Chester”

One of Metrolink's new M5000 vehicles in its new corporate livery - one can't help but notice that the new livery incorporates yellow ends, that would be probably be needed to operate on the national network. Are Metrolink thinking long term?


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