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Chairman Pip’s Podcast #1

Posted in Great Britain, High Speed, Infrastructure, Podcast, Politics by Chairman Pip on 21 March 2011

A little experiment I thought I’d try in the new social media world. Feel free to leave feedback. However, I know that my voice sounds terrible, so there’s no point in feeding back on that. But if you like the idea of me making the occasional audio posting, then let me know.

 Chairman Pip’s Podcast #1


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  1. Claire said, on 23 March 2011 at 3:36 pm

    First of all, I won’t hear a word said against your voice. End of.

    I love the way you’ve interspersed clips at appropriate junctures in this, and I think they help highlight and illustrate the points you’re making.

    As you do in your typed blog posts, you’re good at proving you understand both sides of the argument, which is always good as it means your opinion has that much more credence and is more likely to persuade people onto your side, as it were, as you’ve shown you’re aware of the what the Anti-HS2 lobby have against HS2 but then you’re putting forward your views on these issues. And you’ve got a good point about foresight or lack of.

    Sounds great, this does. I’d say just the right length and those little touches you’ve edited in will help grab the attention of those who may not otherwise have a huge interest in HS2 but a podcast will be something they may be likely to listen to and be prompted to ponder over even if they wouldn’t read a blog post.

    Yes, more please. 😀

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