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A whole lot of traipsing going on

Posted in Commuter, London, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 20 March 2011

Given the relative size of the London Underground network as compared with the size of Greater London, not to mention the number of clubs there are in the Premier League and Football League in London, you’d have thought that there wouldn’t be too much of a trek to get from a tube station to a football ground. But those of you that think that probably haven’t been to White Hart Lane. The first two or three times I went there (the first was in 1994), I made the mistake of going to Seven Sisters and walking. And that’s a fecking long way. So in more recent years I’ve switched to getting a train from Liverpool Street to White Hart Lane, which is an awful lot closer to the ground. But, because trains from Liverpool Street go to a lot of places via a plethora of routes, trains to White Hart Lane are not as frequent as they might be. Thus it was today – given that Tottenham against West Ham is often a very tasty fixture, with a large degree of mutual belligerance, it was surprisingly the first time that the rozzers have taken an active interest in escorting us (i.e. West Ham) onto the trains. A route was marked out by lines of police officers through the barriers onto Platform 8 at Liverpool Street, and then onto the 11.50 to Enfield Town, a good ten minutes before the train was due to leave. In addition to this though, we were driven towards the rear four coaches of the train (formed by a pair of Class 315 units), so as to avoid mixing with the Tottenham fans. This of course led to the rear four coaches being quite congested, which is quite uncomfortable on a train with a lot of stops, as this one was. One of the saving graces was the presence of a British Transport Police officer who happened to be West Ham, and led us all in song. Well, one song anyway. That we got off the train one stop early, at Bruce Grove, while welcome in that it got us off the crowded train, meant more traipsing, again under significant escort, up the Tottenham High Road. One can, having been to Tottenham pretty much every year for the last decade and a half, understand why they are always crying out for improvements to the transport connections to get to the stadium. And why the club seemed so desperate to get their hands on the Olympic Stadium, with its ready made major transport interchange. Still, there we are. Maybe I’ll see how easy it is to use Northumberland Park.

PS, should BTP officer number 1389 ever get to see this, best wishes to you, my claret & blue compadre, and well done for leading us in song on the train.


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