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You get pearls from oysters too

Posted in Business, Commuter, Customer service, London by Chairman Pip on 11 March 2011

At last, the various powers that be have seen fit to do away with the highly complicated and fundamentally pointless Oyster Extension Permit. As you may recall, these were introduced when PAYG was implemented on National Rail services in London, because the TOCs were paranoid that allowing PAYG on their services would “increase the risk of fare evasion”, despite the fact that they invariably penalised users that had long-term travelcards on their Oyster in the first place, and were thus hardly likely to be fare evaders. Indeed, I’ve even had experience of this myself. So their abandonment is welcome, as is the hope that the TOCs will finally start trusting Oystercard users.

“Oyster Extension Permits To Be Scrapped”

The news about the abolition of OEPs came at the “rail summit” between the Mayor and the TOCs. London TravelWatch issued a statement in light of this urging the extension of Oystercard access beyond Zone 6/Zone 9 (to explain, the TfL area used to be divided into 6 concentric zones; the majority of stations fall in one of these zones. However, the introduction of London Overground meant that a number of TfL controlled stations, mainly on the Watford DC line, fell outside the zones. So, Zones 7-9 were introduced to cover these stations). Of course, doing this could potentially open another can of worms, as a number of the stations London TravelWatch’s idea would take in are not within Greater London, and thus outside the control of the GLA (from where TfL gets its powers). Extending Zones 7-9 fully around London would be an excellent idea. But it certainly requires some careful negotiation.

“London Oyster cards: Call for ‘fairer’ deal”


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  1. Cinda Barck said, on 24 March 2011 at 5:32 am

    Great, I came at this site via a google search and this article is 100% what i was searching for. When i have the time i’ll definitely check a few more updates on your site. Do you have an RSS feed? I prefer to add sites worth reading to my rss feed reader so i can’t miss out on a single update… I searched for an RSS icon but cannot seem to find it…

    • Chairman Pip said, on 24 March 2011 at 9:19 am

      Scroll to the bottom of the side column and you’ll see the RSS icon.

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