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Posted in Great Britain, Ireland, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 10 February 2011

I’ve been idly thinking about things that I could do to raise money for charity, should the mood ever hit me that I’d want to do that. Most people do the London Marathon or the Great North Run, or some other boring event that involves jogging a long way, which you have to train for for about six months beforehand, blah blah blah. There are waaaay more interesting ways of raising money that also involve travelling by train. One really cool way would be to undertake the Tube Challenge, which does sound like a lot of fun, and which I’d be well up for doing, provided I didn’t have to organise the route! Obviously just completing it is the important thing, but you’d also want to try and do it as fast as you could, and that requires planning. Plus, you’d also like to have company while doing it, and convincing people they want to try it might be difficult. Then I had another thought. Being not just a follower of football, but also a big rugby man, particularly at this time of year when the Six Nations comes around, How difficult (or easy) would it be to travel to the football and rugby stadia of each of the Home Nations in a single day by train? Obviously there would need to be a sea crossing between Ireland and Great Britain at some point but, setting that aside, is it possible to do just using rail vehicles and shank’s pony? There are seven individual venues to take into account:

But there are also the various connections that would need to be factored in. How many changes would be necessary in the event that any direct connection between one city and another can’t be made? Exactly how long would each leg of the journey take? And could you build in the redundancy that travellers invariably need in the event of disruption and still make your time? I have no idea, as this is merely an idle thought, in addition to being frightfully expensive (unless someone sponsored the cost of travel – is there a one day all line national rover?). Still, it sounds like it could be fun.

How does this look as a route? Starting in Belfast (because of the rubbish service provided by Enterprise) and finishing in London


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