Chairman Pip's Railway Thoughts

Living the dream? Probably not

Posted in Dreaming, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 6 February 2011

Yet another of my bizarre, train related dreams last night saw brand new rolling stock on what I’m fairly sure was the Piccadilly Line, but only the Heathrow branch. This saw the driving car of an O/P Stock coupled to a Class 378, with a Metro-Vick electric locomotive on the other end. Of course, why an electric multiple unit with cabs at each end would need to be marshalled between a locomotive and another driving car is totally beyond me. Much in the same way that Piccadilly Line trains to Heathrow were leaving from Baker Street. And that my friend Little Jo was disappointed that she had received her MBE from Bono rather than The Queen. Not that she has an MBE of course. At least, I’m fairly sure she doesn’t.

A Metro-Vick electric locomotive - probably not the best rolling stock to use on the Heathrow branch. Given you can't get there from Baker Street


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