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And thus it starts again

Posted in Commuter, Customer service, London by Chairman Pip on 18 December 2010

Having had a two week respite, the snow has returned. It started yesterday, and had the appearance of a overly hard frost on the ground. Now though it’s coming down proper, and brining with it the requisite disruption to the public transport network. Southeastern were running their amended timetables already by the time I reached New Cross (although they neglected to mention this to their platform information system, which was calling out non-stop trains that were pulling in to Platform A), while the tube, although appearing to run normally, is slowly grinding to a halt, if the TfL website is to believed. Nevertheless, I managed to get to work today (I was scheduled to do overtime), and was confident in my own ability to judge the railway system to get home again. Imagine my disappointment then when, having managed to get from New Cross to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, I’m told to turn around and go back because the bosses think the weather is too harsh. Sigh. Still, at least it means I’ll be guaranteed to be home in time for the final of Strictly. Has anyone else been caught out by the weather today? Is there anyone else due to work, or do some shopping, or go somewhere nice? If you have any stories, feel free to include them on Open Mic. If you’re not in the UK, and instead are somewhere warm, where there is no trouble with the trains, and you just feel like laughing at us in the UK, you can leave your stories and comments on Open Mic too. We don’t judge here at Chairman Pip’s. Well, not too much anyway.

A snowy Class 376 pulls into a snowy London Bridge on its way to Charing Cross. Do they build snowploughs for multiple units?


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