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I’d never have believed it

Posted in America, Customer service by Chairman Pip on 9 December 2010

My post about the A-Train caused a couple of excited responses from people that live in Denton, which led me to consider some things. First of all, my friend that I told you all about, though she lives in Denton (because she attends university there), is actually from Waco. She has been dogsitting for her parents while they’ve been away, and complained that she would have to drive from Waco to DFW Airport to collect them, to which my response was “the next thing would be to extend the railway to Waco”. It then occured to me that I had no idea how connected Waco actually is to the railway network. It turns out that the nearest railway station to Waco is McGregor, which is about 16 miles away, and is served only by the daily Texas Eagle service provided by Amtrak, which is on the route from Dallas and Fort Worth used by Trinity Rail Express, which stops at CentrePort/DFW Airport Station. So, it should then be possible to run some kind of service from Waco, using McGregor as a park and ride, that gets people off the road to the airport.

However, there is someone else that lives in Denton that I have an acquaintance with, who also commented on the approaching debut of the A-Train. She is a fan of the Texas Rangers, who play in Arlington. The Rangers however are not the only major sports franchise to be located there, as the Dallas Cowboys’ new stadium is also located there. And yet Arlington is the largest city in the United States without a dedicated public transport system – no buses, no trains. To me it was astounding that, when you consider that Cowboys Stadium has an ultimate capacity of 110,000, nobody, whether from the city, the Cowboys organisation, the NFL, the Rangers organisation or MLB said during the construction “hey, why don’t we do something to link these venues into the transport network of the DFW Metroplex?” Union Pacific operates a route that runs between Dallas and Fort Worth through the centre of Arlington, so the infrastructure is there, and the railway line runs close to both Cowboys Stadium and Rangers Ballpark. Would it really be that difficult for the three cities to come up with some way of running a service that took cars off the road? Really? Someone tell me.

One last thing I had to share. While investigating the whole “Arlington has no public transport” thing, I came across this that was posted on a message board:

…I think, it’s regarded as unTexan to use public transportation. It seems that every other vehicle is a truck or SUV, whether the driver ever gets out of the city and onto the back roads or not.

Does anyone have a comment for that?


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  1. […] on here, as well as looking at old posts, and came across one that intrigued me. Back in December, I posted about the then upcoming A-Train in Denton, which led to the revalation (to me) that the nearby […]

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