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Babestation to Railway Station

Posted in Babestation, Customer service, Great Britain by Chairman Pip on 3 December 2010

Who’d have thought? Now the lovely Daryl Morgan is feeding reports about the railways. Well, one anyway. Being in London, news that Leicester had suffered a power cut didn’t reach me, and probably wouldn’t have either unless I’d included the words “power cut” in with “rail news” when I search out what is happening in the world using Google News. It turns out that at about 5.30pm yesterday, the entire station was plunged into darkness owing to a power cut in the city centre. The shops had to close, which is unfortunate, but it also put out the lights and caused the failure of the departure board and the ticket machines. While obviously the likelihood of this sort of power failure affecting the overhead wires is extremely small, no doubt there were many people on the station breathing a huge sigh of relief that Leicester is on a part of the network that isn’t electrified. Network Rail issued a statement saying:

The fault was somewhere else in the city outside of the station, which remained open.We had some emergency lighting available to help passengers and no trains were affected as a result.

However, given the level of disruption being suffered by the railway network at the moment, it is quite likely that this little story would have passed me by, had I not seen a tweet from our aforementioned Babestation babe:

Power cut at train station all day.. I walk in ‘boom’ lights on… That’s just how I roll…! Haha

Clearly Daryl has the gift, if her mere presence can magically restore light and power where there was none. I shall try and persuade her to become my roving rail reporter, tweeting any interesting railway related incidents that catch her eye. That is in addition to her jobs as glamourous Babestation babe and magical restorer of lights. Do you reckon she’d be interested? 😀

“Power cut plunges Leicester rail passengers into darkness”

Daryl Morgan - Babestation Babe; Magical Restorer of Light; Roving Railway Reporter?


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