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So how was your journey?

Posted in Commuter, Customer service, London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 2 December 2010

So how did you get on trying to use a rail network that has found itself ground to a halt? I found myself at New Cross this morning contemplating display screens with a hauntingly familiar message:


Although there were trains running, none of them were going in the right direction (i.e. towards London), and all of them, thanks to the fact that the network south of the river is third rail, were putting on spectacular sound and light shows for those of us watching from the other platform:

All told, things didn’t look especially promising, so I trudged out into the snow with the intention of finding a bus that could take me somewhere useful (i.e. to a tube station). But, as it happens, New Cross Gate is on the way to the bus stops that go towards the city centre, so I popped my head over the bridge and, lo and behold, there’s a London Overground train standing on the southbound platform. I took a punt that, although all of Southern’s trains were suspended, London Overground would at least be running shuttles from New Cross to Dalston Junction. And they were. So it was that my journey in this morning was not especially worse than any other day – the Jubilee Line was running, the District Line was running, and I got in at 09:05am. The snow can’t get me. Mr Potato Head can’t get me…


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