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Got me a bit excited there

Posted in Babestation, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 3 November 2010

Got in this morning feeling a bit lousy, what with the coughing and the tiredness (I’ve had a touch of the lurgy). Turning on my computer and opening the various applications I always open in the morning (Outlook, IE, Tweetdeck) causes many pop-ups to appear; reminders on my Outlook calendar, and the Tweetdeck box. I find that there is one mention of pipsrailway. And what do I find? Why, it’s a message from the lovely Daryl Morgan:

@pipsrailway hey I read ur website, very good.. 😉 x

Of course, I thought she meant this website, until I realised that that what she actually meant was this one, because one of the links she tweeted I re-tweeted, and thus she got a mention. Oh well. I live in hope that she’ll write down some of her thoughts about Virgin Trains and commuting from Manchester to London. She was still nice enough to send me a message. Which was nice.



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