Chairman Pip's Railway Thoughts

I swear this isn’t “Chairman Pip’s Bus Thoughts”. Honest

Posted in Ireland, Metro by Chairman Pip on 10 October 2010

While my thoughts on bus over train have been made clear, I hope it’s also plain that, where buses don’t take over and decimate rail infrastructure, introducing bus networks is a good idea, given the cost of building new rail infrastructure. So, the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway and the Luton & Dunstable Busway, to me, are bad because they are consuming rail infrastructure (permanently depriving the town of Dunstable of access to the rail network). But the BlueLine proposal in Dublin, at least from what I’ve read, seems a good one. This will create a Bus Rapid Transit route in the south-east of the city, which will link the Luas with conventional rail through an area that is not especially well served by this type of public transport. The cost for this has been estimated at €33m, and would see, rather than conventional buses, multi-entrance articulated vehicles similar to the ones used by the Nantes Busway, which are almost rubber tyred, road going trams rather than buses. This could then see this route integrated with the Luas as a single organisation, again like Semitan in Nantes. Clearly, if this can be implemented fairly cheaply, it is then a good addition to the local transport network, allowing better use by more people of the rail infrastructure.

“First bus rapid-transit route for Dublin would link Sydney Parade and Sandyford”

Impression of the proposed BRT vehicle. Looking as like the Luas trams as they do, why not incorporate the proposal into the Luas network as a whole?


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