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They’ll save a fortune on coffee at this rate

Posted in London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 9 October 2010

 An incident came to light yesterday that occured during Monday’s tube strike. Apparently a train stopped at Canada Water, one of the stations that was closed, let passengers off and then left, leaving them stuck in the station. Now, this is quite embarrassing for TfL, and would probably have led to the driver having an interview without coffee with his superiors. But given the range of safety and communications systems in modern tube stations, to be stuck for 45 minutes in a locked tube station doesn’t seem to me to be the kind of experience described by commuter Juliet Schenker:

I started thinking ‘What if I was ill? What if there was a fire?’ It was a build up of panic. TfL was running an unsafe service during the strike. You can’t put human life above money. I don’t think that’s acceptable.

Conversely, if you hadn’t started panicking, used your brain and thought to use the emergency call for help device, you probably would have gotten out a lot sooner on the train that was sent to pick all the other passengers up. Juliet, there’s a word to describe people like that, that go panicking for no good reason. It starts with ‘t’ and ends with ‘wat’. See if you can figure out what the word is.

One question that occurs to me is “why was Canada Water closed anyway?”. Not only is it an Underground station, but it’s also an Overground station. Was it not possible for London Overground to have staff available to have the station open for their services? Even though Canada Water is managed by London Undeground, I’ve seen London Overground staff at stations managed by other rail operators. So why not here?

“Commuters ‘trapped’ in Tube station on strike day”


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