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Can’t catch me!!

Posted in Customer service, Politics by Chairman Pip on 7 September 2010

The latest tube strikes are now in full swing, with large swathes of the London Underground paralysed, and people struggling to figure out what to do. No doubt for most of them, this will involve trying to force their way from a hopelessly overgcrowded train onto an equally overcrowded bus. The news will present desolate pictures of crowded bus stops as buses sail past, full to bursting, leaving poor commuters stood forlornly watching them. If only people tried a bit harder. I had a very pleasant journey – I had considered trying to get on a 211 from Waterloo, or perhaps one of the buses available from Charing Cross (both the 11 and 14 are fairly accessible). I’d also considered possibly getting a train from Waterloo to Clapham Junction, and thence to West Brompton, but the number of people trying to force their way onto trains at London Bridge made me think “bollocks to that!”. So instead I jumped on the short London Bridge to Victoria, from where I got on the 211 (fairly empty), and thus made it to my destination only ten minutes later than I was supposed to. Let Mr Potato Head and his cronies do their worst. You can’t catch a seasoned commuter with a good knowledge of the rail network and an increasing knowledge of the bus system. You know what you can do Spudhead.  

If you have stories about how you’ve gotten around the tube strike, or you’d like to tell Mr Potato Head just where you’d like to insert a metre stick, or even (yes, this is a place of free speech) show support for the strikers, I’d love to hear it. Feel free to leave your stories and messages at Open Mic.   

What I think of Mr Potato Head


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