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Posted in America, High Speed by Chairman Pip on 22 August 2010

Something else to consider about how well prepared California’s high speed proposals are is the siting of the planned stops. Virtually every major stop on the proposed route interchanges with something, whether it be with Amtrak, one of the commuter railways (Metrolink, CalTrain, ACE and NCTD) or a local rapid transit line. California seems to be better structured in terms of local rail than other states, which makes it that much more important to ensure that the high speed line connects well with all of the local services. Evidently, the California High-Speed Rail Authority has given some significant degree of thought to the entire plan, beyond “we should build a high speed line”. Double well done to them.

CHSRA Interchanges

The proposed high speed network in California will have multiple interchanges


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