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Posted in Customer service, Great Britain, Infrastructure, Metro by Chairman Pip on 18 August 2010

I’m a frequent traveller to Nottingham, and consequently am a frequent user of the city’s tram system. When I spoke about the singling of the Robin Hood Line, which was done to make way for the tram, I did so without thinking of any possible alternative. However, seeing the tram running, and looking at the route, and thinking about it, I’ve had this thought. There are two trains per hour in each direction from Nottingham to Mansfield Woodhouse, with one of those continuing on to Worksop. So, how’s about this – rather than having these trains run directly into Nottingham station, taking up potentially valuable slots for trains to other (and apologies for anyone that lives in towns between Nottingham and Worksop served by the RHL) more useful destinations, why not have these services run onto the tramway and terminate at Nottingham Station Street. That way, people travelling into central Nottingham wouldn’t have to make their way from the railway station, which is a little removed, but would be right there. There wouldn’t even be a need to electrify the route, given the preponderence of self-powered tram-train vehicles. Most of the stops have been built to accomodate vehicles longer than the NET trams, so units could work in multiple, and it wouldn’t take a huge amount of work to ensure those stops that weren’t long enough were extended. There are currently two platforms for terminating trams at Hucknall, the current terminus – even one of these could be converted to a through route and signalled for both terminating and through services. Hell, the through services could even use the current heavy rail platform, with a connection to the tram route. This could ensure the retention of the full service as undertaken now, as well as expanding capacity at Nottingham’s railway station.


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  1. Claire said, on 26 September 2010 at 1:43 am

    Good point about those heading for the centre; yes, they could get off the tram in town and be right where they need to be instead of having to make another journey from the railway station. The good thing about the tram as opposed to the train is that the stops are so much nearer to each other (obv.) and there would be very little walking/bussing needed. Although trains can travel at reasonably high speeds, total journey times are significantly added to when you have to make another journey from the station to your ultimate destination, so, as you say, the tram would take people almost door to door. In fact, as you’ve had this idea, would there be any other train services that could do the same thing and go onto the tram route?

    • Chairman Pip said, on 26 September 2010 at 6:08 pm

      It’s possible, but that would probably overload the route, as after all it is a tram route, which is built for high frequency services, with a lot of frequent stops, which wouldn’t be appropriate for a lot of train services.

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