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Posted in Commuter, Infrastructure, London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 11 July 2010

Fenchurch Street is the smallest of London’s major railway termini, and the only one that is not directly connected to the London Underground. Instead, the recommended interchanges are Tower Hill, on the District Line, and Tower Gateway on the DLR. Although constructing a direct interchange between Fenchurch Street and Tower Hill would prove difficult as they are on different levels (Tower Hill is at street level, while Fenchurch Street is on a viaduct). However, Tower Gateway is built on the site of the old Minories station, which is a short distance up the approaches into Fenchurch Street. Given the new building construction that has gone on around the Minories area, how difficult would it have then been to build at the very least a walkway directly connecting Tower Gateway and Fenchurch Street? This then would allow Fenchurch Street, which, despite its size, is an important station owing to its role as the terminus of the LTS line, a direct connection into the wider transport network, which goes further to the kind of integrated transport that successive Mayors have been espousing.

The platforms at Fenchurch Street as seen from Tower Gateway


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