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It should be like with sausages

Posted in Customer service, Great Britain, Politics by Chairman Pip on 7 July 2010

Not content with calling for a general strike over public spending cuts, now Mr Potato Head is bemoaning yet more “major reductions to vital services”. Under plans from the last government, East Coast were to no longer run trains direct to Glasgow Central from London King’s Cross. This is reasonably sensible, since Virgin is the primary London-Glasgow intercity operator from London Euston, while for passengers using stations on the East Coast Main Line there is CrossCountry if they need to get to Glasgow. In addition, the passenger loadings for the trains have been seen as not being especially high. All fairly logical you might assume. Let’s look at some of the headlines:

“Anger as London to Glasgow rail service slashed”
“London train service slashed”
“Fury at London to Glasgow rail cuts”
“Union and Scottish government anger as Glasgow to London train services to be slashed”

Emotive eh? Of course, the rail hating SNP have stepped in with their two penneth on the subject, with the old “now is not the time to cut services” line, which is easy for them to say given that they aren’t paying for them. If the Scottish Government feels so strongly about the issue, why don’t they apply for those train paths and run the trains themselves through ScotRail? Of course though, the real ire should be reserved for Potato Head, who says that the decision is:

…a carve-up behind closed doors which would reduce to a skeleton service the important East Coast Main Line connection into Glasgow…dire social and economic consequences and with an impact that will be felt right along the East Coast route
Mr Potato Head

Obviously then he doesn’t believe East Coast when it says that the timetable change will add more services and seats from the East Coast to Glasgow. They’ll just be via CrossCountry and not from London. I’m relatively sure most people that travel to Glasgow from London wouldn’t even think of going from King’s Cross, but would travel instead from Euston. The real reason for all of this though is the fact that the East Coast guards and catering depot in Glasgow would close, with around 40 jobs at risk. As is often the case, Mr Potato Head cloaks the real reason for his red-faced fury in the veneer of caring for the rail passenger, when really he just looks for ways to threaten strikes in an attempt to wring more out of the employer. Hence the reason we should turn Mr Potato Head into the type of potato I like to eat with sausages.

How I like my potato with sausages and beans


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  1. Claire said, on 9 July 2010 at 11:27 pm

    LOL. That provided me with a chuckle. 🙂

  2. […] presumably to reduce the level of ire that emanated when the story broke of the reduction to just one train per day from Kings Cross to Glasgow, this new Pendolino service […]

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