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Er…that’s news?

Posted in London, Metro, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 27 June 2010

For some reason, BBC London have felt the need to display as a significant news story the fact that both London Underground’s new S Stock fleet and London Overground’s Class 378 fleet contain air conditioning. While this is an extremely useful feature given the current weather conditions (which have been in the high 20s celsius for the last week or so), this is not really major news, as the presence of air con was a major element of the initial announcements of both of these fleets. This was especially the case with the S Stock announcement, given that this will be the first London Underground rolling stock fleet to have this feature. So why are the BBC claiming this as a major news story? Is London currently so devoid of major news that they feel the need to recycle old news from two years ago as the major headline for today? Perhaps it’s simply that it’s just too hot for anybody to actually be doing anything that might end up being worthy of news. I’m reminded of the beginning of Weekend at Bernie’s when the two lead characters are walking through the park when a lowlife tries to mug them, and Andrew McCarthy’s character (Larry) simply pushes the mugger out of the way and says “Get your ass out of here, it’s too hot!”. That’s probably the case this weekend.

“Cooler journeys promised on London trains and buses”
“Air con for Tube trains by 2010”

S Stock - we've known it would have air conditioning for two and a half years, so is it really news?


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  2. […] Er…that’s news? « Chairman Pip's Railway Thoughts […]

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