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Posted in Commuter, London by Chairman Pip on 17 June 2010

On my way to work every day, and on my way home every evening, I use South Kensington, so that I can get onto the District Line. For those that have never used South Kensington before, let me tell you that it has a tendency to get very busy, as it serves the museums and many other institutions, all of whom are significant employers, but also all of whom attract large numbers of the public. However, there is only one entrance in and out of the station, with just a single staircase leading to the District line platforms, while there are escalators to the Piccadilly Line. Everyone using the station enters and exits the same way, and if the escalators aren’t working for whatever reason, then everyone has to go via the District Line platforms. Many is the time that, on my way home, I’ve decided that it simply isn’t worth waiting in the ticket hall of the station for the crowd going through the barriers to disperse, and I’ve simply left to catch a bus somewhere. It makes me wonder why the crowd problem that can occur at South Kensington has not been addressed, with an extra entrance installed at the other end. Even if this was only open at peak times, it would ease the crush that can occur. I can’t imagine it would even be especially expensive. Has no one thought of it before?


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  1. Claire said, on 22 June 2010 at 12:33 am

    I remember the entrance at South Kensington; didn’t realise it was the only one, though. Yes, that must be a nightmare to use at peak times, particularly in the summer.

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