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You should actually…STOP!!!!!!!!

Posted in London, Metro, Other general stuff about railways by Chairman Pip on 27 May 2010

As you know, I usually take the Underground home from work, which will usually involve a journey from South Kensington to Cannon Street on a District or Circle Line train. This Tuesday just gone was no exception to this. There I was, on the train, minding my own business listening to The Chronic and doing the crossword. As the train pulled out of Mansion House, I packed my newspaper away and got up to stand by the doors, just as I always do. As the train pulled into Cannon Street however, I noticed that it seemed to be quite a bit further along the platform than it should be, which I thought strange given that I (using the route as much as I do) know exactly where to be for the shortest walk from the train to the stairs. As I was thinking this, the train then entered the tunnel out of Cannon Street without stopping. Now, the driver hadn’t said anything about Cannon Street being closed for any reason, so all those of us waiting to get off looked at each other bemusedly. As the train then pulled into Monument, the driver then came over the PA and announced that the reason the train hadn’t stopped at Cannon Street was that he’d made a mistake and forgotten to stop (he said that he’d thought it was closed). Initially funny, it then occured to me that it is quite likely he didn’t take any notice of the signal at Cannon Street. So what would have happened if the signal had been set at danger, and there’d been a train in the tunnel, or in the platform at Monument? That could have potentially been a very nasty incident, as Tube trains don’t really get on well with ploughing into the back of each other (as the Holborn crash proves). To use the vernacular of the British Army, I think that this particular driver could well have been facing an “Interview without Coffee” upon reporting the incident. If such things aren’t classed as infringing the rights of the workers by the unions.

Garrison Sergeant Major

An interview without coffee may be forthcoming for our Circle Line driver


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