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Posted in Infrastructure, London, Metro by Chairman Pip on 7 May 2010

At this time, there’s one story that is dominating the news cycle, and will do for several days, and that is the general election. As a consequence, pretty much everything else gets swallowed up and unnoticed. Thus it was with a story that is actually quite a significant one in terms of the provision of transport in London, and that is that TfL has come to an agreement to buy out the shareholders of Tube Lines, thus bringing all of the maintenance work for London Underground back under TfL’s direct control (following the purchase of Metronet), and the end of the discredited public-private partnership arrangement forced on TfL by Gordon Brown. In spite of the financial crisis that will doubtless see transport budgets cut over the next few years, this I think is a good move on TfL’s part, as it means they can assume direct control over the upgrades to the Tube network, instead of leaving it to someone else. Knowing that they’re responsible, and that they’ll get the blame if there are problems, is a great motivator to get the work done on time and on budget. Hell, it may even bring a smile to Mr Potato Head.

Perhaps it was too much to hope for a smile

“TfL buys last London Tube contractor”


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